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Highland Flats Apartments
1111 S Highland Ave | Tacoma, WA 98465
Phone: 253-232-9904

Come in and have a look. Owners welcome too!

Looking for a pet-friendly apartment community in Tacoma, WA? Look no further than Highland Flats Apartments! As one of the few pet-friendly communities, we proudly allow cats and dogs here at Highland Flats Apartments. Now your pet can relax by your side and enjoy the comforts of your apartment home.

Pet Policy:

Your furry friend will have a “paw-some” time at Highland Flats with all of our pet-friendly features!

Pets Welcome Upon Approval.
Breed restrictions apply.
There is a $150 non-refundable pet fee required.
There is a $150 pet deposit required.
A $10 monthly pet rent will be charged.

No animals or pets of any kind shall be kept or harbored in or about the Apartment building without prior written permission of the LANDLORD, which includes visiting pets or "pet-sitting." In the event that permission is granted for a pet, LESSEE shall sign a pet agreement and pay all fees and deposits, and abide by all rules as put forth in the Pet Agreement. If a pet becomes a problem in the sole opinion of the LANDLORD, LANDLORD reserves the right to require that a pet be removed from the property. Once a pet has been removed from the property, the pet deposit shall not be returned until the termination of the tenancy. Companion or Service Animals will not be considered a "pet," however, will be subject to reasonable rules. LESSEE understands and agrees that LESSEE shall remain liable for any and all damages caused by any pet or any Companion or Service Animal. Companion animals requested by the LESSEE, which are not already owned by the LESSEE at the time of the commencement of the tenancy, shall be subject to the breed and weight restrictions in the pet and dog addenda and rules and regulations. If LESSEE has pets, service or companion animals, they must be secured during maintenance work. If not, Maintenance shall be entitled to leave the unit prior to the completion of the work and it shall be LESSEE's sole responsibility to schedule the completion of the work after the animal has been secured. When an APPLICANT or LESSEE with a disability asserts and can verify that an animal is necessary or therapeutic to accommodate his/her disability, the APPLICANT or LESSEE should make a request for a reasonable accommodation; specifically, to be allowed to keep the animal. LANDLORD may request verification that the APPLICANT or LESSEE is an Individual with a Disability as defined in the Section 504 regulations. Service animals are any animals that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of a person with a disability, and may be considered equivalent to other "auxiliary aids" such as wheelchairs and eyeglasses, and as such will be permitted. Companion animals are any type of service animal; however, they are not always trained to perform tasks. Both service and companion animals are subject to the reasonable rules listed below and will not be considered pets.
A) The LESSEE will be responsible for the animal's care and the animal must be kept in a manner, which does not violate the Lease Agreement. If subsequently, the animal or its care poses a public health problem or results in a lease violation, the problem will be addressed, under the terms of the Lease Agreement. LANDLORD may send the LESSEE a Notice of Lease Violation.
(B) ANIMAL RESTRAINT - LANDLORD requires that all service or companion animals be on a leash or under the control of a responsible individual while in public areas. All outside areas, including all parking areas, surrounding the apartments are considered public and are governed by the leash law. Companion animals are not allowed to be tied or confined on the deck, porch or patio of the apartment.
(C) BREEDING - Service or Companion animals are not to be used for breeding purposes.
(D) INOCULATIONS - The service or companion animal owner will provide written evidence that all inoculations required by law have been given to the animal. This documentation will be kept in the LESSEE's file.
(E) LICENSING - The service or companion animal owner will provide written evidence that all licenses required by law have been obtained and are current.
(F) SANITARY STANDARDS - Service or Companion animal owners are required to remove and properly dispose of all animal waste. Waste must be contained in a paper or plastic bag first, and then placed in a garbage can.
(G) Animals may not be left unattended in a dwelling unit at any time. The service or companion animal owner is responsible for controlling noise and odor caused by the animal.

Pet Amenities:
Pet Waste Stations